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Amazing grow taller system. The most complete, comprehensive, and effective program ever available for increasing height, growing taller, and maximizing growth at any age.


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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Dear Internet Friend,

If you want to grow taller, increase your height, and maximize your growth potential regardless of age, you need this information. This site offers the most complete, comprehensive, and effective program ever produced on gaining height available anywhere - GUARANTEED!. Moreover, it also reveals an absolutely revolutionary exercise program, which takes only 8 - 16 minutes a day, to significantly increase your height and stimulate growth naturally. The information in this grow taller program is absolutely safe, simple, and effective for men and women of all ages. Here are a few things I discuss that can help you significantly and permanently increase your height regardless of your age.

Growth Periods

There is a lot of misinformation regarding the ages that human growth takes place, how tall you will likely be, and what the exact roles of heredity and environment have on your growth. Don't be misinformed any longer. Here's a small sample of secrets you will learn about growing taller and your growth potential:

  • discover the most rapid periods of growth
  • discover how your height compares with other people your age (are you taller or shorter than average?)
  • chart your growth to determine how tall you will likely grow to be
  • learn the differences of growth rate between boys and girls
  • what ages you are likely to experience a growth spurt and grow taller
  • learn what age you can continue to grow up to (you'll be surprised, and no, it is not your late teens or early twenties)
  • 5 genuine factors that influence your growth and effect your height regardless of age

Spinal Column

An important component of growth and height is the spinal column. Here's a small sample of secrets you'll learn about your spine and how a basic fundamental knowledge of its structure and function can dramatically increase your height and growth potential

  • why understanding and stimulating the intervertebral discs is essential to growth and growing taller
  • what muscles and ligaments must be kept strong and flexible for height gain
  • how spinal curves can dramatically decrease or increase your height

Height Decreasing Conditions and Disorders

Many conditions or disorders can cause a loss of height or a hindrance of growth. Some growth problems and height problems are easy to detect and correct, some are not. Find out about some common height decreasing conditions and disorders that you may have but not be aware of. In addition, discover how to easily correct some of them to help you increase your height. Here's a small sample of secrets you'll learn about:

  • what height decreasing abnormality is more common in girls, but rare in boys, and what can be done about it
  • conditions of the legs and knees that decrease your height and what can be done about them
  • discover how a lacking of a single vitamin may cause a condition that inhibits growth
  • learn what treatments can correct and prevent certain height and growth decreasing conditions
  • find out about human growth hormone and your chances of receiving it from a medical professional
  • discover 3 common yet easily controlled ways to put yourself in an ideal growth enhancing environment
  • find out what simple everyday events inhibits the secretion of your growth hormone and how to avoid them

The Basic Nutrients

Undoubtedly, the quality, quantity, and type of food we eat has a tremendous effect on our height, growth, and health. Here's a small sample of secrets you'll learn about nutrition and how to use it to increase height and maximize your growth potential.

  • discover which of the 20 amino acids are designated as being either essential or non-essential for humans
  • the main function that protein provides
  • how to use an easy formula to calculate the amount of protein you need to consume to stimulate growth and maximize height
  • a list of what food are high in protein content
  • the difference between simple and complex carbohydrate and which one to avoid
  • how much carbohydrate you should consume to maximize your growth
  • a list of foods high in carbohydrate content
  • what happens to your growth when an adequate amount of nutrients is not consumed
  • how much fat you really need in your diet
  • the 3 essential functions of fat and how they are related to growth
  • discover the most prevalent and important substance in the body
  • discover the essential role that water plays in gaining height
  • how to determine if you are drinking enough water to facilitate an increase in height 
  • how alcohol may inhibit growth
  • why and how smoking stunts your growth
  • why and how anabolic steroids permanently stunt growth

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals play a vital role in nearly every system of the body. Therefore, an adequate and sufficient supply of vitamins and minerals must be consumed in order for all the physiological functions of the body, in particular growth and development, to take place at the most optimum level. Here's a small sample of secrets you'll learn about vitamins and minerals and how they are related to height increase and increasing height:

  • what height and growth deterring events are caused by a vitamin and mineral deficiency
  • why you may not be getting the required amount of vitamins and minerals in your diet
  • discover the 3 secrets about vitamin and mineral supplements that the drug companies don't want you to know about
  • discover the specific vitamins and minerals, as well as their dosages, needed to help facilitate and maximize your height gain
  • learn which common foods are rich sources of height and growth enhancing vitamins and minerals
  • the minerals and vitamins that are essential to humans
  • what vitamin and mineral combinations taken together significantly increases their effect


Sleep is one of the most important components involved in stimulating growth and increasing your height. Here's a small sample of secrets you'll learn about sleep:

  • how you can wind up being half an inch to a full inch taller after a full nights sleep
  • why sleep is essential to increase your height and maximize your growth
  • why the spine lengthens during sleep
  • how much sleep you need to get in order to obtain a positive impact on your growth and recuperation
  • what 2 beneficial events are triggered by sleep that are directly involved with growth


Good posture provides many physical and psychological benefits. It is an important component for back health and height increase. Good posture helps maximize your height not just because of the obvious reason that you are sitting and standing tall rather than slouching and slumping, but for other structural and physiological reasons as well. Here's a small sample of secrets you'll learn about posture.

  • how improper posture puts the spine out of alignment, strains the muscles and ligaments of the back, and leads to a loss of height
  • discover how a healthy spine should be shaped like and how to maintain that shape
  • discover the 2 main ways to counteract poor posture
  • discover 2 methods to check your postural alignment
  • 3 guidelines to follow when standing for any duration of time
  • 4 guidelines to follow when sitting for any duration of time
  • 5 guidelines to follow when lying down for any length of time
  • 6 guidelines to follow when bending and lifting that will inhibit the degeneration of discs and prevent a loss of height
  • which positions place 45 to 65 percent less pressure and compression on the discs and stimulates growth
  • discover the proper sitting, standing, and lying down positions that will eliminate undue pressure and compression of the discs and which will lengthen the spine and foster growth

Dressing For Height

Although the How To Grow Taller Program is concerned with the actual increase of one's height, creating an illusion of height can also be beneficial. Whether you are 5' 6" or 6' 4", dressing thoughtfully is by far the simplest and most potent instrument you can use to help you appear taller, shorter, thinner, or wider instantly. By cleverly organizing the visual elements of clothes and their design, you can manipulate the way your body is perceived and make yourself appear taller. Here's a small sample of secrets you'll learn to create the illusion of greater height:

  • how to use lines to appear taller and slimmer
  • what to avoid to stop from appearing shorter and wider
  • how to use color to look taller and slimmer
  • what colors to wear if you want to project power, authority, or competency
  • what colors to wear to make you seem more approachable and amiable
  • what strategies to use to appear taller rather than shorter
  • how to make your legs or upper torso appear longer

The Revolutionary Grow Taller Exercise System

When an individual, such as a bodybuilder, wants to transform his or her physique into a muscular one, they follow a specialized and specific exercise and diet program that helps them stimulate muscular growth (Weight resistance exercises and a high protein/high caloric diet). Likewise, when an overweight individual wants to transform his or her physique into a slimmer and leaner one, they also follow a specialized and specific exercise and diet program that helps them stimulate fat loss (Cardiovascular/aerobic exercise and a low fat/low caloric diet).

A bodybuilder would not achieve his goal of gaining muscle by following the exercise program, diet, and discipline of the person interested in losing weight, and vice versa. The goal of the bodybuilder and the overweight person is achieved only through the appropriate stimulation.

Just as an individual could follow a program to gain muscle or lose fat, similarly, they could also follow a tailored program to permanently increase their height.

How it Works

The amazing and proven How To Grow Taller exercise program laid out in the second part of the book (along with the information and recommendations in the first section) was specifically and specially designed to help you increase your height, grow taller, and maximize your growth potential regardless of age. The exercises included in this program will stimulate overall growth and height gain, function to structurally lengthen the spinal column, improve posture, and straighten any excessive curvature of the spine. Moreover, other powerful benefits such as greater health, stronger back and abdominal muscles, increased flexibility, and the alleviation and prevention of lower back pain will also transpire.

Each daily grow taller exercise session will take only 8-16 minutes to complete. These exercises are fully illustrated, with simple and easy to understand instructions. Each exercise is also named, has its benefits and purpose stated, and provides you with step-by-step technique. These exercises are safe, effective, and easy to do by people of all ages and fitness levels. They require no special equipment or apparatus and can be done in the privacy of your own home.

In addition, you will also learn how to achieve maximum results, when to practice, where to practice, and the benefit of warming up.

The How To Grow Taller program consists of more than 155 illustrations showing 72 specially developed stretching and strengthening exercises arranged in a progressive manner from Level 1 to Level 24 and are to be done in 2 stages. The Program Outline and its execution is fully and easily explained along with a number of exercise guidelines and rules to make your program as safe, effective, and simple as possible.

This specially developed program contains tried and true principles and a revolutionary exercise program that will increase your height in a natural way. With the help of these principles and exercise program, any individual can succeed in increasing their height to their heart's desire.

And there is so much more, that I couldn't possibly list it all here. What you have read is only a small sample of the exciting and effective information you will get when you read How to Grow Taller: A Comprehensive Guide and Revolutionary Exercise Program to Make You Grow. This volume contains the results of extensive research, personal experience, and features 232 pages of pure dynamite. All the tips, information, recommendations, techniques, and secrets are revealed in a simple, step-by-step, easy to understand format. This program is a revolutionary one-of-a-kind and cannot be found in any bookstore or other retail outlet. This program is only available here.

Here Is What Other People Say:

"I've grown 3 inches by following your How To Grow Taller program. All my friends want to know what's my secret. What a great feeling. Thanks a lot." 

G. Seyan - Seattle, Washington

"I have spent hundreds of dollars trying everything available on the net. Your How To Grow Taller program is the only professionally produced package I have seen and it is worth it's weight in gold. Every parent should have this for the future of their kids."

Harry U. - Surrey, Canada

"I can hardly believe it, but just 90 days into this program and I am already about one and a half inches taller. By the way I'm 37 years old."

Anita G. - Essex, England

"Although I haven't grown in four years, I have definitely grown taller since beginning your program. Thanks."

 P. Singh - Jagraon, India

"The gains I've seen have been amazing. I play basketball and I can finally dunk the ball. I love it!!" 

O. Pal - Ann Arbor, Michigan

"This program is simple, thorough, and to the point. If you stick to the suggestions and exercise program, you will grow taller. I know I have."

E. Al-Kout - Salwa, Kuwait

"My girlfriend used to be taller than me and I always felt uncomfortable when I was around her. After completing your How To Grow Taller program, I am now closing in on 5' 8" and I feel much more self-confident. Thanks a bunch!"

N. Gill - Toronto, Canada

"I used to get picked on and bullied at school because I was short. After following your program for 6 months I grew 4 inches. Thanks, you changed my life!"

N. Soni - Massapequa, New York

"Hi, I had a chance to meet up with an old friend of mine. We hadn't seen each other for 2-3 years, and I was surprise to see him 2-3 inches taller then me. I'm 26 now, and my friend's a year older then me. Back then we were around the same height (174cm), so I was in awe when seeing him taller then me now! I went and interrogated him, and he confessed all about your How To Grow Taller program to me"

S. Wong -Los Angles, California

Your NO RISK 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you want to order, I insist you do so entirely at my risk. That is why the How To Grow Taller program is fully guaranteed with absolutely NO RISK on your part. I am so sure that this program will significantly increase your height that I am prepared to give you the strongest guarantee ever offered for information of this kind. What I mean is, I want you to order without feeling you might "get taken." Therefore, I want you to order this material today read it, use it, try it... and if for any reason you aren't completely satisfied, simply return it for an immediate refund of your purchase price. You simply can't lose!

Only because our program is light years ahead of what else is available, can we offer such an Iron-Clad Guarantee.

This much sought after growth system is normally priced at $69.95, but as a special "Internet introductory offer" and for a limited time only it is available at 65% off... That's just $24.95.

FREE Bonuses if you order by Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Just to "sweeten" the deal, if you take advantage of this opportunity right now, I will also send you two powerful and special Bonuses, which are worth the price of the book alone absolutely FREE!


The first Free Bonus is the Complete Exercise Journal to Accompany How to Grow Taller. This journal is an ideal self-management tool that will keep you committed to increasing your height and maximizing your growth potential. By recording your progress in this simple, easy, and self-explanatory journal, you will gain a tremendous sense of commitment, motivation, and accomplishment. Moreover, by tracking your progress, you will actually see real and exciting results that will motivate you to keep persisting with the program.


The second Free Bonus is Kalsi's Secret Growth Enhancing Formula. Would you like to know how to easily make a Secret Growth Enhancing Formula? I will reveal to you the "recipe" for a delicious drink you can make from ingredients easily found in your local supermarket. Numerous scientific studies have shown that the ingredients of this drink significantly increases and speeds up the recuperation and growth process. In addition, it raises energy levels and promotes fat burning. This drink is also quite popular with bodybuilders who want to increase their muscle mass and speed up their recovery. You could pay a lot of money on products similar to our growth enhancing drink that have already been manufactured and bottled, however, you would spend only pennies a glass for the ingredients that you would find in your local supermarket and make it yourself.

There are three easy ways to order:
1. The fastest way to order is directly online. Click here to order with our Secure Server.
2. Call us at 1-604-572-0355, ext. 77 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) to place your order. Or, email us your phone number indicating the time you would like us to contact you for the order.
3. Mail or Fax in your order using our special mail/fax order form.

Your order will be processed within 24 hours and shipped via First Class Mail. You will receive this incredible course in about a week and can begin using it the moment you receive it. Just think, in a week's time you can actually be well on your way to growing taller. If you are a parent, give your children the gift of a lifetime.

Think about it:

If you really want to grow taller, the price of this program is a painless drop in the bucket compared to the anguish and regret you will face throughout your life if you do nothing about it. Look at it this way...

You really cannot afford not to invest in this program.

Don't put off sending your order if you're at all interested. This remarkable growth system and what it can do for you is more than a bargain. It is a giveaway. Most importantly, it will give you a practical shot at becoming what you have always dreamed about and you can't put a price on that. Order online, call, mail or fax in your order today.


Ken Kalsi
Kalsitechnic Solutions Ltd.

P.S. That's all there is to it your book, your  free Exercise Journal, and the free Kalsi's Secret Growth Enhancing Formula will be shipped immediately, and after that, you are the judge. You must be 100% satisfied or you can return it for a full and immediate refund, no questions asked.

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